Telemarketing Services in Malaysia

BHS can meet all your telemarketing requirements, no matter what!

Telemarketing services are one of the mandatory services that need to be included in every organization, helping it to augment and build stronger relationships with the current customers.

BHS can meet all your telemarketing requirements, no matter what!

By working with us and availing our services, you can notice an increase in your revenue by managing and closing your sales through our competent telemarketing services and also by generating sales force leads.

Avail our telemarketing services at low cost!

We have a perfectly built and well-equipped call center in Kuala Lumpur and hold a proven experience and track record in exceeding KPIs for Clients.

We provide you with all the necessary information needed regarding those requirements that are not met, satisfaction level and customers’ needs. Not only we provide this information, but also give you effective strategies to address customers’ issues in your organization and build long-term relationships with them.

How we do it

Different telemarketing services are offered at BHS including sales, customer services, outbound research and lead generation. We have years of experience and expertise in the field of telemarketing and know how to tackle all the problems. First we analyze and understand what our customer’s requirements are. After that, our telemarketing experts provide them with an ideal solution at nominal price.

No matter you need market research surveys, 3rd party verification services, dealer-locator and lead generation services, order-taking services, direct response services, opinion survey, cross-selling services, membership application services, catalog sales services, answering services or inquiry services, we efficiently provide you with each of these services, guaranteeing your satisfaction!

Knowing how to qualify leads and build lists of database, we evaluate the concurrency of databases and recommend effective marketing strategies with respect to that analysis. Use of latest software and technology makes our services even more appealing. Our experts are well-aware of developing customized telemarketing scripts and provide training modules and call center bench-marking services.

Not only this, our list marketing services are famous because they contain the most authentic lists including all the necessary details such as: code, city, state, income, job description and credit card details.

The professional environment of BHS helps us meet our target within no time. Each of our call center executives are perfectly trained in sales and are confident enough to attend and answer calls efficiently, with expertise. Our competent approach can help you increase your sales and engage even more customers. We have got talent, perfect knowledge and skills that are needed to provide top-notch telemarketing services.

Our approach

Telemarketing is a must-to-use communication medium in today’s modern world, especially it is of great importance in the business sector. It has always proved to be the best and most dynamic way to reach customers and meet their needs in less time. At BHS, our telemarketing services have proved to help various businesses in marketing their new products or services effectively. We offer all types of telemarketing services including business-to-business telemarketing, automated telemarketing, business-to-consumer telemarketing and outbound telemarketing.

Moreover, our call center service help clients in meeting their purpose of reaching out potential customers. We make it possible for you to reach your customers easily and engage them towards your business. In this regard, we give our best to manage and recruit right professionals that are needed to carry out the telemarketing services on your behalf.

We have got good tools and experience to improve your resources and make them best for you. Our team knows how to handle all the technical stuff and work in direction to setup and devise along with managing and delivering the most efficient and flexible telemarketing services from the respective customer care centers.

At BHS, you will receive top-notch telemarketing services that will not only meet your growing business requirements, but also help in engaging a large number of customers towards your business and make the existing customers happier.

Why us

We strive hard to meet all your requirements and expectations from us and have never failed to impress you in this regard. Thus, our telemarketing services are the most reliable one, totally based on our strict business principles of quality and valuing money, without compromising on client’s satisfaction.

BHS holds vast and extensive experience of handling all types of telemarketing services, no matter whatever extent they might be. Being in the business-service sector for years, we have gained a lot of achievements and hold a proven work-history, due to which handling different telemarketing services for different sectors is now just a piece of cake for us!

We have always managed to handle all your requirements in an effective manner, including Telemarketing lead management, Lead Generation Services, Decision Maker Contacts, Appointment Setting Services, Market Intelligence Services, Product Promotion, Research Surveys and Polling, Customer Satisfaction, Database Selling Services and Telephone and Web Based Business Development.

When it comes to hiring sales services, we are the most cost-effective choice for you as we have got much experience, knowing lots of customers globally and can help you market your products/services easily to your current and potential customers. Thus you can derive benefit from our lower costs, high quality and a proven experience in business-service sector.

What we offer:

Asia-Pacific Coverage

We have got numerous clients and provide Asia-Pacific coverage across Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Australia and Philippines.

Multi-Lingual Skills

We are better aware of the importance of language. Therefore, we provide 7-multi-lingual skills including English, Bahasa, Malaysia, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Tagalog and Tamil.

Areas Of Expertise

We hold expertise in telemarketing including Customer service, Lead generation, Telesales, Data collection, Contract renewal, Churn recovery, Loyalty management and Brand education.

Call Center Software Dashboard Tracking

24/7 dashboard tracking is provided to our Clients Lead generation portal is also provided for sales teams, along with provision of back office portal for Clients to process cases.

Day-To-Day Operations

Day-to-day operations include robust platform in place to manage recruitment, training, quality assurance, agent performance, agent rewards and recognition, data security and Client engagement.

Telemarketing Consulting Services

We provide the best and efficient telemarketing consulting services. These include in-depth analysis, performance audits, reports, analysis of scripting.

There are more features you could ever wanted.

Our Skills

Conveniently re purpose high quality markets before bleeding edge strategic theme areas.

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