Loyalty Management Services in Malaysia

Business Hub Solutions values its worthy customers, understanding the importance of retaining current customers and implementing programs to build customer loyalty.

Loyalty services provided by BHS have proven to be a source of boosting growth and reputation of the company. We make sure that the current clients feel as if they are still valued, sharing joy with them and building stronger relations with them.

This increases customer appreciation for our business and their support for us. It is always one of the greatest challenges for customer-oriented companies to build strong relations with their clients. Having good reputation and experience in market for more than 13 years, we have been providing our clients with cutting-edge solutions and loyalty management services by offering different loyalty management programs and showing our support for marketing activities.

Our approach

Our main focus is on satisfying our customers and gaining their loyalty, which is one of our basic offerings. For this purpose, we offer different solutions to gain their loyalty, some of which are card-based while some are card-less, depending upon your requirement.

BHS is well-equipped with all the tools that are essential for building successful loyalty programs created for both business and individual customers.

Different offers and promotion actions are offered for this purpose including auctions, coupon, loyalty cards and other benefits, in order to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Use of innovative tools makes the process even easier and interesting. Thus, BHS provides unique and comprehensive loyalty management services that provide aid in achieving higher customer satisfaction and results in higher revenues.

We do an extensive data analysis in order to provide best loyalty management services and attributes, as we believe in turning our customers into fans! Thus, BHS integrates all business point solutions and tackles all your strain with the ever-increasing volume and variety of customers.

Why choose our services

Want more focused customers on an enhanced level? Use our loyalty services that help in connecting you with your customers on a deeper level and help in building stronger relations with them. No matter what your requirements may be, our loyalty management services are ensured to fit all your business needs. We give you the chance to build strong relations with your customers and become the center of attraction for your customers that matter the most to your business.

Loyalty management services of BHS support a number of businesses. We have got numerous clients ranging from retail to warehouse management, sales and marketing, sports, production and banking.

We provide businesses with added values, effective marketing strategies that result in a deeper focus on building relationships with clients and engaging them towards your business.

We manage loyalty programs and customer engagement programs across various businesses globally. We start the procedure by first consulting with the business owners and asking them to define their need of implementing customer loyalty, followed by offering our loyalty programs to them with better offers.

Using our loyalty management services, you can create and execute different customer engagement programs, manage memberships and rewards effectively, and can interact with your different customers across multiple channels. Not only this, you can also keep a track of loyalty system performance.

How we do it

You get to know us when you work closely with our team. Out experts design the best packages for you to increase customer liability and engagement towards your business, thus delivering effective performance to ensure client satisfaction. Our loyalty services help you to ultimately create and keep a customer, providing you with a set of features and tools to achieve it.

We provide you with an end user portal on which members can view rewards, track their points, track points to reach the next tier, redeem points and can avail personalized messages too.

Our services are the best in the manner that they help in setting up various loyalty tiers, bonus tiers, various promotions and loyalty specials. We easily manage member enrollment, points processing, redemption, content for mobile app and website, and member communications using different platforms including text messages, e-mail messages, push notifications and telemarketing. For sale transaction files, POS, end user portal and Mobile apps etc., we manage data interfaces with efficiency.

Our loyalty management services offer

Increased profit

Enhanced customer experiences help in generating better response rates and impact. Get improved customer profitability by rewarding the “right” customer behavior using our services.

Increased customer loyalty and lifetime value

The relevant real-time analytics immediately let you extend offers that customers are interested in, resulting in happy customers returning to you. You can now reduce costs by automating loyalty management business processes and maximizing the result of customer interactions.

Better marketing productivity

BHS gives you a user-friendly platform for managing different loyalty programs and gathering results, focusing on your creativity as a marketer. This helps you in reducing expenses and increasing the productivity of your business.

What we offer?

Strategy design

We design the best loyalty strategy for you, offering loyalty-based programs for this purpose, depending upon your business objectives and needs. Also, we can develop ROI forecast and key metrics effectively.

Loyalty Manager

To manage loyalty, we have a complete setup of loyalty management software consisting of data interfaces with Client databases, website and mobile app, and POS terminals for processing various sales transactions and member rewards.

Rewards and promotions

Our loyalty management system offers setup of loyalty tiers, promotion modules, redemption tracking and dashboard tracking for earning and redeeming rewards, and viewing points remaining for achieving the next tiers.

Application development

We develop killer mobile apps and desktop apps for you to engage a large number of customers.

Member Enrollment and engagement

Our loyalty manager provides complete tracking of member enrollment and sign-ups, and drives on-going member engagement via multi-channel approach using various platforms for this purpose, including push notifications, e-mail messages, text messages and telemarketing.

Member Redemption

Knowing the status of member redemption and fulfillment is equally important. Keeping it in mind, we provide complete on-going tracking along with analyzing and tracking behavioral patterns and member sales.

There are more features you could ever wanted.

Our Skills

Conveniently re purpose high quality markets before bleeding edge strategic theme areas.

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