Data & Analytic Services in Malaysia

BHS has solved countless data problems for its clients across the region using its very powerful BHS CRM engine.

Data is the integral part of everything in an organization. Where there is data, there are problems too. Handling of larger data becomes an uphill task sometimes. But, this is not an issue for us!

BHS has solved countless data problems for its clients across the region using its very powerful BHS CRM engine.

We deal with data to modify the data duality. Thus, we successfully overcome the challenges within the data-ecosystem through effective combination of individuals, process, and technology components that support its data-analytic initiatives.

BHS provides the best data modernization solutions to various organizations. These days, many organizations are lacking new data sources that may be either structured or non-structured. Our data modernization solutions are always helpful in extending and increasing your organization’s infrastructure in an effective way.

Not only this, we provide consulting services too, that are based on proven methodologies. We help you propose a Big Data strategy and select corresponding suitable technologies and vendors depending upon your needs and budget. We also make sure it fulfills your current business investments. Our team of experts hold a comprehensive view of the different options available.

Why us

We implement and deliver highly effective data analytics and applications that are high in performance too. These help in reducing your risk, time of implementation and cost of implementation.

BHS is the best when it comes to management of data and analytic. We keep the data accurate and authentic while working on it, without losing its integrity. Our experts know how to manipulate data without harming it actually. We partner with you and help you to design such prototypes that utilize big-data technologies.

After the successful validation of those prototypes, we furthermore help you in scaling and deploying the data successfully, helping you to achieve your business milestones perfectly while providing cost-effective maintenance and optimization of data solutions.

Using our data and analytic services, you can achieve objectives and targets on revenue maximization, operational efficiency and data optimization. Our solutions give the right customers to your company that result in greater revenue while minimizing risks for your organization and driving profitability.

Our top-notch services help our clients in getting advantage from latest tools and technologies to dominate and strengthen their businesses, following our knowledge-based guidance and effective strategies.

How we do it

In order to remain in the competition with profit and standout in front of your rival business companies, it is mandatory to ask questions of your business with the idea of driving outcomes, generating profit and minimizing costs. Organizations that are struggling and ruling over the competition have got the right ability to ask accurate questions of their data and take  action according to the answers. In order to become a data-driven organization, you have to show the best implementation of world-class analytical capabilities.

Analytics are equally important to an organization like data, as they allow your business to harness the efficiency of your data and transform  it into such a data that lets you measure the performance of your organization and judge the factors that lead you towards the best performance. Not only this, you need to understand and meet the business challenges perfectly and avoid the occurrence of critical problems in your organization’s data.

This strategically helps to change your organization by demonstrating poor performances and those actions that should be avoided in your data while maintaining records.

We provide you with the ability to accommodate a data repository that is safe-to-use, governed and can be consumed by all types of consumers in a self-service model, using agile and adaptive IT practices. Thus BHS offers a full package of traditional and advanced analytics and solutions regarding data.

Our Professionals

There is no such tool developed in business intelligence that correctly answers your inquiries regarding the authenticity and correctness of data or its poor construction.

Business Hub Solutions proudly offers vast services including translating your business requirements into a custom road-map and designing effective strategies against those requirements that are both efficient and modular as well, coordinating with the infrastructure of your organization and implementing the analytics solutions that help you in asking right questions and getting the right answers, along with increasing your organization’s revenue.

We have got experienced Business and Data Analytics consultants that have contributed a lot in some of the successful business projects, using proven methodologies, latest tools and best practices to bring innovation and help you track the exponential growth of your data and meet the demands for handling larger data and analytic.

Our experts have got much experience and exposure, and are always eager to entertain all your queries regarding handling of data and analytic. Contact us if you want the best data and analytic services that increase revenue for your organization!

Our services provide:

Customer Intimacy

We make sure to deliver delightful customer experiences that prove to be beneficial for us and turn the revenue upside for the company.

Operational efficiency

Risk management and operational efficiency are important factors to consider. This helps in reducing costs and offer monetary profit to the organization in turn. We achieve this by higher efficiency through automation and operations and risk-prevention across the business value chain.

New revenue streams

We help you in generating new revenue streams by by enabling organizations to transform and convert data into strategic assets that propose new revenue models.

What we offer?

Data Migration

Data consolidation from multiple sources and formats. We map and merge all your data sets into a single repository.

Data Cleansing

Our powerful engine cleans data with automated business rules. This helps to validate, standardize, duplicate and clean data on best-effort basis.


Complex extraction transformation load services based on business requirements.

List Management

Extraction of lists for campaigns. Response loading and tracking. Preparation of campaign performance reports. We provide effective Channel Execution and can manage the list execution and tracking through various channels including Email messages, SMS, Push notifications, telemarketing, OVMS and IVR.


Customer segmentation models, RFM Models and Predictive modeling technique is used..

There are more features you could ever wanted.

Our Skills

Conveniently re purpose high quality markets before bleeding edge strategic theme areas.

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