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We are in the market for more than 13 years, having a large number of loyal customers, providing them with the best and cost-effective CRM solutions and services. So far what we have gained is satisfaction of our customers, and we are proud of it. Not only we create the solutions, but also implement them with respect to your business, helping it to flourish even more!

Our Services

Data and analytics

Our powerful Data Engine solves all the problems regarding data migration, cleansing, extraction, list management, channel execution and analytics, transforming the data into an optimized one


Extensive call-center for Asia-Pacific coverage, multi-lingual skills, lead generation, customer service, dashboard tracking and day-to-day operations.

Loyalty Management

Various card-based and card-less loyalty solutions are available to add more value to your customer loyalty including strategy design, setup, desktop and mobile-app, member enrollment, engagement and redemption.

Digital Marketing

Engage clients from all across social media platforms using our digital marketing services including SMS, E-mail, Mobile apps, OVMS, IVR and other services to support distribution of your content across various platforms.

Our Skills

Our team consists of highly experienced people that fulfill their passion of satisfying customers by solving their problems and targeting their needs. We possess strong skills in marketing, finance, analytics, data and technology, bringing a platform to meet your needs and carving your requirements in a better way. Our team contains a blend of people from four major areas: data, technology, marketing & services. Moreover, we have got a huge customer-following that can vouch for our work and quality. When it comes to quality of products, we are truly match-less.
We value your money as we are strongly committed to deliver high quality business solutions without compromising on the quality and performance. With a pretty focused approach, we are keen to make sure that your business is always on track!

Software Development 90%
Design 80%
CRM Solution 70%

We Enjoy Working

As a team, we work more like a family and enjoy what we perform. The workplace and work environment are quite productive, thus contributing towards our achievements even more. Our team creates fully integrated solutions keeping all aspects of marketing and technology in mind. We build elegant solutions that are used by successful business owners all across the globe.
Knowing the current business requirements, we interact with our customers and provide them with best solutions. Thus, we give you all the things that are needed to engage an overwhelming amount of customers. We are able to achieve all this due to our dynamic working environment, where we are free to express our ideas along with enhancing our learning and skills.

Leading Software Company in Malaysia

If you are looking for a software company in Malaysia that provides the best CRM software solutions are services to its clients, and is known world-wide, then you are at the right place. Businesshub Solutions is one of the finest software companies that is progressing rapidly by providing innovative solutions, killer apps and a lot of CRM services to its clients, helping them to expand their businesses and engage a large number of customers.Read More »

Welcome to Business Hub Solutions

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